Cloth pad set, starter set

Cloth pad set, starter set

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This listing is for a3 cloth pads in skull pattern.
These cloth pad set including the following
-1 (one) approx 8” long panty liner( perfect when using your moon cup.)
-1 (one) approx  9” long light to moderate flow pad
-1(one) approx 12” long heavy flow pad

The pantyliner and a light/moderate pads both have one set of snaps on a wings

The heavy flow pad has double snaps on each wings

Why do you want to use cloth pads?
-they are made of cotton/bamboo
-they are breathable
-no chemicals
-no plastic,
-no nylon,
-no synthetic fibers,
-no bleach

-Washable & reusable:
- easy to clean,
-hand/ machine wash using cold water.
-save you money, You buy them once, and use them for years.
-save the earth

Material used:
Top: Made with 100% Cotton fabric,

- flannel
-organic french terry and flannel
-zorb and flannel

Back: anti-pill fleece

Snaps: plastic KAM snaps

I'm using a table press to set my snaps in.

the cloth pad measures 9" length and 2.5" across when snapped together.

Care instructions:

-rinse them, and soak them in a bucket of cold water,

-you can wash them in the washing machine

-but do not use fabric softener

Please note, that pattern placement will vary.

Turnaround time for this set is 3-5 business day.